Gaza Doctor Writes Book Of Hope Despite Death Of Three Daughters

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On a cool but sunny December day in Gaza, Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish took his eight children to the beach for the simple pleasures of paddling in the Mediterranean and playing in the sand.

Two months earlier, the children’s mother had died from acute leukaemia, and Abuelaish was comforted to see his older daughters laughing and chatting as they wrote their names in the damp grains close to the water’s edge: Bessan, Maya, Aya. “It was as close to heaven and as far from hell as I could get that day,” he later wrote.

But within five weeks the Abuelaishs were to suffer a second tragedy: those three girls, Continue reading


Talbis Iblis Terhadap Para Ulama’

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Diantara manusia ada yang memiliki cita-cita dan semangat yang tinggi, sehingga mereka mampu mendalami berbagai cabang ilmu syariat seperti ilmu Al-Quran, hadith, fiqih dan sastera. Lalu Iblis datang kepada mereka dengan “talbis” (tipu daya)nya yang lembut, sambil membisikkan supaya merasa sombong kerana mereka mampu mendalami berbagai macam ilmu dan mampu menyebarkan manfaat kepada orang lain.

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Young Russian Muslims Discover Religion

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CAIRO – Frustrated by spiritual poverty and lack of purpose, a growing number of young Russian Muslims are embracing their faith to seek answers for questions, guidance in life and an alternate way of thinking.

“I had a choice,” Rustam Sarachev, a 21-year-old from the city of Almetyevsk, told The Washington Post on Wednesday, December 22, recalling his decision to set a foot in a mosque for the first time four years ago. Continue reading